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Spring Bradglans

Spring Bradglans

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Spring Leafshine is the highest quality leafshine used by professionals worldwide. Its original formula is non abrasive, non toxic and does not deplete the ozone layer. Economical use with immediate result. Regular treatment will keep your green hard leaved plants dust free and will remove water, calcium and rust stains. Spring Leafshine can be used on many different plant species, like Philodendron, Monstera, Hoya, Alocasia, Syngonium and more.

Did you know that Spring Leafshine is regularly used by nurseries, garden centers and professionals to treat insects aswel?! When spraying some Leaf Shine on mealy bugs for instance they’ll dissolve straight away. If the infection is not too big you’ll probably not see them again in your plant. You could also spray some leafshine on a leaf infected by thrips for example. When they get into contact with the leafshine they’ll die off. Do note that it’s important to directly spray the product on the pests when using it as a pest control methode. In case of removing thrips additional care might be needed. Leaves can be damaged when used too much.

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